I’m Hoss.

I make nice things
for nice people.

tl;dr. This site details my work as a part time CTO, making creative technology, and as a hired gun for creative agencies’ brainstorms. My résumé is available upon request using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

I have a background as a software engineer, with a degree in architecture, having served time as a graphic designer, animator, and hardware tinkerer. This places me at the intersection of technology, art, and commerce where I specialize in solving highly complex problems with profitable technology that presents end users with beauty, elegance, and simplicity.

My work falls into four categories.

  1. Leadership. I help clever companies by providing technical stewardship at executive level. As part time CTO my role is to increase the value of the technology of companies, and make them more attractive to investors and acquirers. I carry out in-depth audits of code and personnel to identify weaknesses, and go on to define what technical debt is worth addressing, and eventually help with the inevitable M&A talks.
  2. Physical computing. At other times nice people hire me to make nice things. I tend to work on projects with a mixture of innovative hardware and software, with as much time spent with Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, and soldering irons, as writing code. Recent projects include an installation that scans your eye to detect if you’re stoned, converting an automated bank machine into a basketball game, and an activation that measures your brain activity to allow you to pour water into a glass by thinking positive thoughts.
  3. Creative concepts. I’m often hired to help conceive creative concepts as part of agency pitches, and organizations looking to increase their competitive advantage. I bring a deep understanding of legacy & cutting edge technologies, market trends, and the experience to help ensure ideation sessions bear fruit.
  4. Public speaking. I’ve been a speaker at conferences and corporate events for more than 15 years, on topics with bias towards innovation through creative use of technology, and often labelled as motivational. I adore sharing what I’ve learned with others, especially when this contributes to them making progress in their own lives and careers.

In 2011 I was shortlisted by Apple to join their Human Interface Device Prototyping group — a small team of polymaths existing outside their traditional management structure, reporting directly to Steve Jobs and Jony Ive.

While helping run creative organizations our work has received awards from Applied Arts, Cannes Cyber Lions, the Canadian Marketing Association, and the Webby Awards to name a few. I personally have received an Epica, was one of Creative Review’s Creative Futures, and Computer Arts featured me as a Design Icon.


  • Profitable innovation
  • Executive level technical leadership
  • Building and leading technology teams
  • Decisive creative thinking to capitalize on obscured opportunities
  • Lean startup entrepreneurialism
  • Motivational public speaking
  • Winning pitches

Public Speaking

I host an event called Speakeasy where I interview creative business leaders, and feature in my own cookery show called Cooking in the Methlab with Hoss.

Each year I talk at a handful of conferences with a bias towards innovation through creative use of technology. My current presentation, “Things I Have Learned”, (deck here) has received overwhelming critical acclaim.

The major conferences I’ve presented at are:

  • 12 FITC presentations, Toronto, Winnipeg & Amsterdam.
  • OFFF Paris.
  • 4 Flash on the Beach presentations.
  • 6 Flash Forward presentations, including London, Amsterdam, San Francisco and New York.
  • Milia, Cannes.
  • NMUF New York, and Rotterdam.
  • BD4D main speaker, Manchester.
  • Convergence Lecture Series, The Lighthouse, Glasgow.
  • Additionally I have written and hosted the FITC Awards Show 3 times.


  • Best Online Film, Epica.
  • Best Website, Scottish Advertising Awards.
  • Best Viral, Scottish Advertising Awards.
  • Creative Future, Creative Review.
  • Scottish New Media Agency of the Year.
  • Winner of Story Category at the Flash Film Festival, San Francisco.
  • Commendation, Interactive Media category, Design Week Awards.
  • Best Newcomer, Scottish Design Awards.


  • New Masters of Flash.
  • Flash MX Upgrade Essentials.
  • Macromedia Flash MX Video.
  • Flash Video Creativity.
  • Various articles for creative technology magazines.
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