I’m super chuffed to be featured as this month’s Design Icon in the September issue of Computer Arts, the world’s biggest selling creative magazine. The words are by Mark Penfold and photographs by Simon Plees, two people that along with the team back in Bath I owe a great deal of gratitude.

Why do I owe them so much? Well, in order to create a 5 page article like this Simon took many, many photographs of our studio and my interview over a period of almost 2 hours. I know you only see a few photos in the mag, but they are hand picked from a mountain of options, and believe you me, there will have been plenty of less flattering images they could have chosen to run. Fortunately for me, Computer Arts has a talented team that not only is capable of composing and catching the right moment, but the editorial team was patient and skilled in their choice of image and subsequent layout.

When you consider that I talked freely for 90 minutes without the aid of a script, or advance knowledge of the questions that would be asked of me, then you’ll understand my trepidation over what would make it into the article.

Christ-on-a-bike would Mark have enough rope left over from hanging me to open a rope shop

Even the most composed spin doctor will drop enough clangers in an hour and a half of free-styling to allow a crafty journalist to paint them with bias, so Christ-on-a-bike would Mark have enough rope left over from hanging me to open a rope shop.

But, Mr Penfold, I doff my cap in your general direction. You crafted an entertaining, enlightening article that resulted in even my mum forgiving the pull-quote swearing. Even my discussion on last summer’s Flashbelt is handled with dignity, while not pulling any punches.

The September issue of Computer Arts is available in all good newsagents now, but do yourself a favour and get a subscription here. You’ll save yourself a bundle, and won’t miss an issue again.

UPDATE. The lovely people at Computer Arts have published the article on their site, and have given me this PDF to share with you.